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When you are running a business, there are loads of tasks to complete each day. It’s always great to have some extra hands in order to achieve greater success in your business. This is where a virtual assistant agency comes in. By working with an agency instead of hiring an office assistant, you can get tasks done without the need to pay for Internet connections, a computer, and office space. Individuals at a virtual assistant agency are dedicated professionals who can provide the best business services and administrative tasks to meet the demands of clients.

If you aren’t sure where to start, learn how a virtual assistant agency can help you. There are a number of tasks you can start to outsource immediately.

Online Research

Online research is the quickest way to find out information about an event, product, or topic. However, conducting this research can be time consuming and daunting. You can delegate this task to a virtual assistant and you can look for any kind of information on the web for you. In order to benefit the most, you should always share specific instructions and don’t forget to share any important credentials.

Data Entry

Data entry is one of the most laborious and repetitive administrative tasks and one that is great to assign to virtual assistants. The work requires sitting at a computer for a long period of time, which is what virtual assistants can be great at, and then you can have some free time to work on other aspects of your business that need more attention.

Calendar Management

Managing meeting invites and calls can be a hard thing to do when you are short on time. While there are apps and software that can do this, having a virtual assistant who can remind you and provide prep when needed is a huge relief. This way, you can track important meetings that shouldn’t be missed.

Data Presentations

When you have a big business meeting to do, a PowerPoint presentation is one of the more important tasks. These presentations take hours to prepare and can be a waste of your productive time. Assign this task to a virtual assistant so you can use your valuable time to work on the oral presentation. You will just need to provide clear instructions on what you want to see in the visuals.

Market Research

For any entrepreneur, market research is necessary to understand their competitors, customers, and industry. Without this marketing knowledge, you are going to be held back. You can ask a VA to do a methodical market research study in order to find relevant marketing information for your business. The agency can do an extensive study on competitors and send you the findings in an organized manner.

Call Answering

In business, it’s essential to make calls to customers and business associates. If you want to operate the business on an international level then you need to keep your phone lines active at all times. Share the workload with your virtual assistants to make or answer calls on your behalf. They can make the necessary calls or respond to incoming calls and note the important information for you.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is needed to increase your brand visibility, draw more traffic to the website, and boost sales. Hiring skilled assistants who can do this on your behalf will save you a lot of time.

Email Management

It can be daunting to go through the amount of email a business receives on a daily basis. Virtual assistants can answer emails on your behalf, delete spam emails, and check promotional messages so your entire day isn’t spent just going through your inbox.

Content Marketing

While it is best to have a dedicated content marketing team, if you are a small business then you can utilize the services of experienced assistants in order to create quality content when you need it. You likely need content everywhere in your business, from creating social media posts to drafting emails that reflect your brand.

Administrative Work

Every business has plenty of administrative work that needs to be done daily. There are forms to be checked, as well as reports and files to be organized, and the list can be endless. You may even have some specialized needs, such as transcriptions of audio files, depending on your business needs. Don’t waste time on administrative tasks and get them handled in a cost-effective way.

Payroll and Invoice Management

If you have a larger team then you know how challenging accounting and payroll can be. The problem gets even bigger as your team grows. It’s helpful to outsource this to an assistant with payroll management software so you can get your teams paid on time and make sure you stay compliant.

Travel Management

If you have to travel for work then you know it’s a hassle to keep up with bookings. Checking schedules is best left up to a virtual assistant who can manage your whole travel itinerary.

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