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Howling Assistant Offers Exclusive New Bilingual Virtual Assistant for Mortgage Professionals
Right now, mortgage professionals are under a tremendous amount of pressure, and many of them are struggling to keep up with the administrative overhead associated with their jobs. That is where a virtual assistant can be helpful, but there are some situations where mortgage professionals may need to use an interpreter. That is exactly where Howling Assistant’s new bilingual virtual assistant can be helpful.
With access to multiple language assistants, mortgage professionals will have the administrative support they need. With access to a remote bilingual assistant for mortgage professionals, mortgage agents and loan officers will have an easier time providing their customers and clients with the assistance they need.

Why Mortgage Professionals Are Under Pressure Right Now
In the current environment, it is not unusual for mortgage professionals to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work they have to do. For example, the housing market is changing quickly, and it can be difficult for loan officers to keep up with numerous changing interest rates, particularly as the economy tries to grapple with record inflation. When the Federal Reserve raises rates to try to get a better handle on inflation, the effects can be felt downstream immediately. Banks and credit unions change interest rates, and mortgage professionals are often responsible for communicating this information to their customers.

Then, customers and clients can get upset, feeling like they are being priced out of a potential home they want to purchase or refinance. This anger could be directed at mortgage professionals, even though it is not their fault. This only adds to everything else that mortgage professionals have to do on a daily basis. For example, mortgage professionals are responsible for drawing up loan contracts, getting people to the closing table on time. Work is professionals also have to do a tremendous amount of work regarding know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) regulations from the federal governments.
Some clients have a tremendous number of records, and it can be challenging for mortgage professionals to track all of this down. Now, if all of this information has to be communicated twice because the client does not speak fluent English, the job only gets harder. That is where a bilingual virtual assistant can be helpful.

How a Bilingual Virtual Assistant Can Help
Thanks to Howling Assistant, mortgage professionals have access to multiple language assistants who can streamline things for their customers and clients. For example, a bilingual virtual assistant from Howling Assistant has received a tremendous amount of training specifically in the mortgage field. That way, they can take challenging financial jargon and translate it in a way that a potential customer can understand.

A bilingual virtual assistant may also have knowledge of cultural norms that can help a mortgage professional understand what is going on. That way, all of the information gets communicated in a manner both parties can understand.

A bilingual virtual assistant can also help with paperwork. If a customer or client is having a difficult time filling out a document, he or she can help, preventing things from having to be explained twice while avoiding potential mistakes on the paperwork which might otherwise derail the closing process. Ultimately, the biggest reason why mortgage professionals need to consider working with a bilingual virtual assistant is that this type of administrative support is invaluable. Mortgage professionals and their customers and clients need to understand each other to prevent mistakes from happening during the loan application or closing process. By saving time and avoiding mistakes, mortgage professionals can close more deals faster, getting people into their homes quickly.

Mortgage Professionals Deserve To Focus on What Matters Most
Most people went into the mortgage profession to help people find a home. Everyone deserves to live in a home, even people who might not necessarily speak English as their first language. There can be a lot of barriers that can frustrate both mortgage professionals and their customers and clients. By working with a bilingual virtual assistant from Howling Assistant, mortgage professionals can avoid a significant amount of administrative overhead. They can shift this burden to their bilingual virtual assistant, focusing on what they have to do to get someone to the closing table on time. This can prevent burnout and a very stressful field, allowing people to enjoy a fruitful career as a mortgage professional while avoiding some emotional stress.
This type of mindset has driven Howling Assistant to launch this new bilingual virtual assistant program exclusively for mortgage professionals. Because these are professional assistants who have been specifically trained in the mortgage area, mortgage professionals know they are getting access to someone who has an intimate understanding of the field and can accurately translate jargon for customers and clients.

About Howling Assistant
Howling Assistant is a professional agency that specializes in providing virtual assistants to professionals in a wide variety of fields, including mortgage lending. Howling Assistant puts all of their virtual assistants through industry-specific training to ensure they have the skills necessary to provide exceptional support to all customers and clients. With Howling Assistant virtual assistants, mortgage professionals can alleviate administrative burdens, as bilingual virtual assistants can provide customer support, manage appointments, help with paperwork, and ensure nothing is lost in translation. To learn more about the services available from Howling Assistant, check out the Facebook page, view some of the Instagram posts, follow Howling Assistant on LinkedIn, and visit the website today.

There are many mortgage professionals who are looking for extra administrative support, particularly as it relates to language barriers. Now, Howling Assistant has a bilingual virtual assistant program that has been specifically designed for mortgage professionals. With access to a virtual assistant, mortgage professionals can make sure that nothing is lost in translation, helping their clients get to the closing table more quickly. This can save time, reduce mistakes, and lower stress levels.

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