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Are you wasting time on emails and administration? Now there’s a cost-effective answer!

Ruskin, FL-based digital consulting agency Howling Brands has launched a virtual assistant service, known as Howling Assistant, to provide small-medium businesses (SMBs) with professional project management and administrative services.

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The recently launched Howling Assistant is designed to deliver a range of professional support services that will save SMBs time and money.

For many SMBs, hiring full-time staff to manage administrative and digital marketing activities is beyond their budget. Not only are full-time staff an expensive undertaking, but covering all the bases will often require at least two employees with specialist skills.

A recent McKinsey analysis showed that business owners spend on average 28% of the working day reading and responding to emails. Howling Assistant’s new cost-effective solution provides full management of email inboxes, allowing you to focus on more important issues.

The US-based Project Managers at Howling Assistant can also take care of your business and personal calendars. Appointment scheduling and rescheduling, as well as reminders, are all designed to ensure that your time is well managed and optimized.

Howling Assistant’s services extend well beyond administrative support. Project Managers can also provide a range of digital business services including social media management, online content creation, website management, and data management. In essence, Howling Assistant provides you with both an administrator and a digital marketing specialist in one affordable package. For further information visit:

In addition to the standard range of services detailed, Howling Assistant can also offer a range of more specialized support.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the process of organizing and administering interactions with clients. The process often involves large amounts of data and can be a time-consuming exercise.

Howling Assistant are certified partners in a number of behavioral automation platforms such as Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, Zoho, and HubSpot. Project Managers can provide your businesses with CRM automation services that minimize workload and maximize engagement.

A company representative stated: “By outsourcing their tasks to a virtual assistant, businesses can focus their limited marketing budget to other core business operations. When done effectively, this approach can result in substantial cost savings over traditional hiring of in-house staff.”

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