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Virtual assistants are independent contractors who work for clients and provide administrative support. They work from a location other than the customer’s office. In addition, they work from home but may access important planning materials such as shared calendars from anywhere.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant differs from hiring a regular employee if you’re employing professionals, and a bad experience can discourage you from trying again. To find your perfect match, all you need to know is what to look for (and what to avoid). The difference a good VA can make to you and your business is immeasurable.

However, employing a virtual assistant can be daunting. Besides, making mistakes while employing a virtual assistant is more common than you might believe!

To ensure you have the best, here are people’s mistakes when hiring virtual assistants.

Mistakes People Make While Choosing Virtual Assistants

1. Not Setting Clear Goals and Expectations

One of the worst things you can do is not to set a clear goal and expectation before hiring a virtual assistant.

Furthermore, many don’t prepare a job description that entails the virtual assistant’s service scope and how they expect it to be done. In addition, they fail to have a proper description of their desired skill-set, work set-up, and other specifications.

You will avoid frustrating miscommunications between you and any virtual assistant if there are detailed guidelines of your business goal and mission.

Most importantly, it is expedient you understand the scope of the VA’s assignment before you hire. To make things simple, you can ask yourself the following questions:

# Do you require a specialist or a generalist on-site?

# Are you seeking a solution to a problem that requires the help of a virtual assistant?

# Will the VA be hired on a temporary or permanent basis?

Answering these questions is a pivotal requirement before hiring a virtual assistant.

2. Over-complicating the Job Application Process

Translating a procedure that has only been in your thoughts until now can be difficult. Most times, it frequently results in complex instructions.

Do you know that when you keep things as simple as possible, applicants find it easy to apply?

Interestingly, business owners that make their job applications difficult find few applicants – possibly below their expectations. This principle also applies to entrepreneurs in search of virtual assistants. Besides, most applicants shy away from job applications that are tedious and mind-boggling.

3. Hiring Virtual Assistants with No Portfolio and Bad Reviews

Some business owners prefer to hire VAs that don’t have a proper portfolio to save money. It’s a big mistake in case you don’t know!

The VAs you want to hire should show you samples of their previous work.

You may believe that picking a low-cost VA is a safe decision, but, in reality, examining the Virtual Assistant’s experience, reputation, and track record can keep you on a safe mode.

The better the Virtual Assistant’s portfolio, the more the guarantee that they will assist you to do your work faster. In addition, good reviews from the VA’s previous employers validate the virtual assistant’s professionalism and experience.

4. Hiring a Virtual Assistant Solely on Social Media Recommendations

Social media is an important part of the modern entrepreneur’s toolset. However, many people have made the mistake of employing someone solely based on their social media connections. They believe social media recommendations alone are enough to hire a professional virtual assistant.

Social media platforms lack a review mechanism or adequate portfolio to judge a VA. Moreover, social media proof can be a vital requirement for hiring, but it’s not enough.

Do you know that some individuals buy social media reviews?

Instead of using social media recommendations as a factor, hire a virtual assistant from a reputable virtual assistant provider.

5. Hiring the First or Late Responding Virtual Assistants

According to Chron, it is usually unwise to take the first person you see, even if they seem like the perfect candidate when conducting interviews.

Besides that, you shouldn’t employ the same day you post your job description for a virtual assistant. This does not mean that it is bad to employ the first applicant, but the best can be the last.

Also, do not hire someone who is too preoccupied with their work and fails to react to your emails or phone calls. This is why many business owners state clearly on their job description that they need someone not working with another firm.

Lastly, avoid working with a Virtual Assistant who cannot provide you with a firm deadline. This can lead to dissatisfaction and, ultimately, resignation. Virtual Assistants that only answer your calls or emails for a few minutes at a time should be discarded.

Also, patience and proper vetting are required to have the best. This is why when you have more than two to three preferences for a job position, you might have the best.

6. Not Auditing The Virtual Assistant Before Hiring

Vetting an application entails much more than a few questions and a reference request. You’re entrusting your business to them.

Conduct a detailed interview. In addition, you can break down the interview into different phases to have the best.

You can have a specific test to confirm their specialized skills and niche. Alternatively, you can have a video call to verify that the applicant meets your requirements.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, a proper understanding of mistakes made by others prevents you from repeating them.

I’m sure you now know what to do before hiring your virtual assistant. There are many mistakes business owners make while choosing virtual assistants. However, the points listed above are the most common. In conclusion, ensure you know your potential candidate. Make a thorough research about any applicant before hiring. These steps will keep you ahead of all mistakes.

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