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Welcome to Howling Assistant Synthesys, our service for developing AI videos. Join thousands of companies using Synthesys to create instructional videos at scale, WITHOUT lifting a finger! We’ll do it all for you saving you time and money.

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We create instructional videos, SOPs, tutorials and more all according to your needs in the shortest time possible, with great quality. Improve the flows in your company with Synthesys and Howling Assistant.

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We create short instructional videos in over 60 languages. Use them to train your employees, onboard your customers and share knowledge at scale.

Training videos

Create microlearning videos for compliance training, technical training, cybersecurity and more.

How-to videos

Create short how-to videos for software product onboarding, knowledge bases and more.

Marketing Videos

Create studio-quality product explainers, video newsletters, video case studies and more.

See how Synthesys compares to traditional videos

Synthesys does not replace traditional video creation processes.
Instead, it provides a scalable and cost efficient alternative.

Traditional videos

AI videos with Synthesys

Learn about Synthesys core features

We take advantage of the power of Artificial Intelligence to optimize time in such wasteful processes.
It is very easy, high quality and fast how you can get videos with Syntesys.

AI Avatars

Are you uncomfortable in front of the camera or have a small budget? No biggie. Simply choose one of our 50+ AI avatars to act as a presenter in your video.

AI Text-To-Speech

Don’t have Morgan Freeman’s voice or a budget to hire voice actors? No worries. Our AI text-to-speech feature gives voice to your text in over 60 languages.

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50+ AI Avatars

60+ Languages

25+ Templates