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We will Triple Your Website Leads With Existing Traffic By Staffing Your Chat with
Real Humans

Virtual Live Chat Assistant

How We
Lead intake

A Virtual Chat Assistant Can Improve Your Service and Generate More Leads

The Power of 24/7
Human Conversation

Bilingual live chat assistants are experts at making conversation to engage callers and capture leads at all hours of the day, all week long.

Get a Better ROI
for Your Marketing

When you work with a virtual marketing assistant, you will triple engagement with visitors who reach your website through marketing campaigns to increase your return on investment.

Only Pay for
Qualified Leads

Our 24/7 live chat assistants take an unlimited number of chats, but you only pay for leads generated that meet your set criteria. We will reject every lead that doesn’t qualify.

Did you know as much as 98% of visitors to your website don’t fill out your contact form? With our live chat assistants, we engage your audience and generate three times more leads.

Why Are 24/7 Live Bilingual Virtual Assistants So Powerful?

1. Real Conversations
vs. Contact Forms

When you add Howling Chat Assistant to your website, your visitors can engage in immediate conversations. Don’t rely on contact us forms used in traditional marketing and sales platforms. Connect and engage your visitors with a virtual marketing assistant.

2. Generate More Leads
from Existing Traffic

A conversation with a virtual chat assistant on your website can always lead to a conversion. Your customers won’t have to wait for contact after filling out a contact us form.

3. We Qualify Leads,
You Close Them

Let our team qualify your leads to let you focus on connecting with serious buyers who are interested in your service. When you focus more on closing, you will generate more conversions.

4. Real-Time Phone Responses

Once a potential customer starts a conversation with us, our virtual marketing assistant will offer to connect them directly to your staff. You can start talking to prospective customers over the phone immediately while they’re still on your website, improving your conversion rate.

6. Text and SMS Available 24/7

You will get a dedicated text/SMS number you can publish anywhere with your marketing efforts. When a customer texts the number, they will connect with our 24/7 virtual chat assistants.

5. We Monitor Facebook
Messenger 24/7

Visitors often view your page outside normal business hours. If your marketing drives traffic to your Facebook page, 24/7 Messenger responses boost conversions.

7. Capture Leads Outside
Business Hoursrs

Did you know that 30 percent of leads come in outside business hours? Our bilingual live chat assistants will staff your website outside normal business hours to convert your leads faster.

8. We Increase Leads

When you work with us, we won’t disrupt your normal flow of leads. Instead, we use powerful software and human intelligence to combine engagements and convert visitors who may otherwise leave without interacting.

9. No Upfront Payments

You won’t pay anything upfront or buy chat credits. Simply use our services and we’ll send an invoice weekly. We accept all credit cards.

10. Our API Connects with
500+ Apps and CRMs

If you need live chat data integrated into your app or CRM, chances are that we connect with it. We connect with more than 500 apps, CRMs, Zapier, Webhooks, SaaS providers, and ADF/XML.

People are visiting your site right now and want to talk to you! Don’t put them through the hassle of filling out a contact form.

We’re More Than Virtual Marketing Assistants

We use the strength of multi-channel communications that are available 24/7 to increase your chat-to-lead conversions by up to 60 percent.

These Companies 3Xed Their Lead Intakes with Howling Live Chat Assitants in Less than 2 Months. What Will You Do?

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How it works

When a Visitor Arrives A Proactive Invitation is Fired The Conversation Begins!!

No Thanks! My Static Contact Us Forms will do a Better Job at Converting than Actual Humans Available for Chat 24/7.

Learn how to generate more effective conversations with new customers

Is Howling Live Chat Assitant Right For My Business?

  • Are you a Business Owner or a Marketing Head of a Law Firm, Service Provider, Real Estate Firm, Auto Dealership, University, College, Dental or Medical Practice, Chiropractor, Plumbing, Electrician and HVAC Company, Wildlife Removal and Pest Control Services Company OR fall in any of the 48 Business types we support.

  • Are you driving Paid traffic to your website and it's NOT converting (visitors aren't filling out your contact us form)... and you're not quite sure what's stopping them?

  • Are you Stuck digging your analytics for days, changing content and conducting endless A/B tests of your landing pages?

    If so, then Howling Chat is a PERFECT fit for you!

What can I expect after adding 24/7 Live Chat Assistants?

No Thanks! I think my website will generate more leads being Disengaged & Static

Here's what will happen if you decide NOT
to add 24/7 live chat assistants

Your Frustration with your Marketing Teams will increase. They will keep spending more on Ads while it wouldn't make ROI sense.

You will always WONDER why potential customers visit your website, but leave without signing up or buying.

You will face a Burn Out in terms of Advertising Budget and Will LOOSE the Ability to SCALE Online.

Give us one chance to be your GAME CHANGER!

Still not sure about it?

If you aren't sure we are the right fit for you, do this:

What's the Pricing?

We charge Per Qualified Lead (Purely Performance Driven) & there are no caps like minimum or maximum. We don't charge you for support chats, repeat visitors, time wasters, spam chats, out of area requests. Click here to start chatting with one of our live agents and they'll have pricing sent to you right away.

What is a Qualified Lead?

A Qualified Lead is a Chat Conversation in which our agent captures the name, phone, email and requirement of the web visitor. You set the Qualification criteria and we follow it.

What if I get a Lead that's not Qualified?

Reply to us & REJECT the lead. Add a brief reason of rejection and we will take it off your bill. No questions asked.

I have my own Chat Software. Can you use it?

We can't. Your billing will include the Chat Software that we use. It's a World Class Live Chat Software designed to deliver the highest chat conversions in the Chat Industry.

What will this service cost me monthly?

We encourage you to sign up for a risk free 14-day free trial. During the free trial you will get a clear idea of the number of leads we are generating for you. At the end of the free trial, we send you a detailed report along with an estimation of what the service will cost monthly.

Transform Your Visitor Engagement To Get 3X More Leads With Howling Live Chat Assistants!

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